As a logical extension of our underwater windows, tunnels and other acrylic elements offer, we have introduced decorative concrete replicas. By making inernal and external decor along underwater windows, we take it off investor's shoulders, which also makes installation and polishing of the acrylic easier for us.

We offer biotope replicas that reflect the natural environment - Malawi lake looks different than Victoria's. We also use hybrid method - composing natural elements (roots, pebbles and such) with concrete decor.

With our extensive experience with biochemistry of marine water, we carefully craft our decor in such a way that for example that Red Sea biotope does not rise KH and Ph level above referential levels.

In our reef decor we do not use any metal elements, even stainless steel, as the water may show elevated levels of metal that may be harmful to corals. both LPS and SPS. 


Of course we also offer dry decor, including architecture replicas. We can make any object, be it modern or antique. We also prepare conceptual designs that deal with every circumstances, including various industries, like piping, lighting, PMMA tech and so on.


All the preparation and installation work we do using our skilled labourers. All the sculptury work is being done by Indonesian craftsmen. This way we can match competitive pricing with high quality.


Decor made in palm house in Łódź.


The exhibition consists of freshwater biotopes. 

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